Networking for a Renewed World Order?

As a member of the CORE: club in Manhattan I get a rare glimpse into the activity of the world's movers and shakers and lately its been interesting to see how busy the place is.   

You'd think in current economic climate a private social and business club that caters to the super elite of finance, media, and a dozen other industries would be struggling. 

But what I am seeing is a LOT of lunches and dinners and meetings in the library - between people I haven't seen together before.  And they all seem to be reaching out, talking, trying to get a sense of where the world is headed and get some business done.   The club was envisioned for just that purpose but it seems to me that four years after opening, it's finally being put to use the way it should be!  

This view also fits nicely with the dispatches I've read from Davos this week which seem to indicate that compared to past years where the conference provides a rough sense of where the world is headed - this year attendees seem bewilderingly detached - searching for some kind of anchor - a new sense of order and a way to re-establish trust in all institutions.  

Hopefully, the activity I am seeing among CORE: elites will begin to re-establish that trust and order.  In the meantime, the rest of us should get out there as well, schedule a few lunches, start talking to neighbors, put some good energy out there and make something happen.


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