Tapping The Creative Vein

Last few weeks I have been on an incredibly strong creative streak and noticed that the energy has been cutting across disciplines and mutually reinforcing each activity I engage in.    From brand campaign ideas to sketching a visual graphics to writing copy or even a song it seems that the inspiration has been coming fast and easy.

And I've been wondering why...

The Creative Process was never something I ever paid much attention to.  Usually, when I needed to create a new message, brochure, web page or Powerpoint slide - I just set aside time, immersed myself in the content, and eventually the ideas started to come.

But in the past few months I've become much more aware of the ebb and flow of creative energy and how to manipulate it.   I've noticed that when I am creative, it feeds on itself, and I can maintain that energy if I don't stop when I'm done, but instead apply it to another format.

So after writing some good copy, I'll go sit down and play some guitar and jot down some phrases for a song (or just learn to play someone else's).  And if I have been thinking about a brand concept and finally come up with a good idea I can turn that energy around to solve some problem around the house that has been nagging me.  Or write another blog post.

I creative energy is like an invisible jet stream coursing above my head and once I stand up and "tap into it" I can stay there as long as I keep channeling to into something productive.  If I stop, it slips away and I may have trouble finding it again.  So far it has lasted several weeks.

To some degree, I feel lucky that I'm able to even find this creative energy, let alone maintain myself in some kind of creative zone for weeks on end.  I have had plenty of friends marvel at it and say they just don't have a "creative bone in their body" or they "just aren't the creative type".  But the funny thing is, I never thought I was either.  And I see plenty of people out there more creative than me.

And I've been astonished to learn there are so many techniques for unleashing creative energy or stimulating the creative process.  This wiki here lists almost 200 techniques!!!

Hmmm...maybe someday I'll try a few.  But for now I'd rather go play some guitar...



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