Delivering Zpizzas - One Tweet at a Time



Zpizza is a national restaurant chain that opened in 1986 with the goal of creating a healthier, lighter, delicious and creative pizza. Twenty-three years and over 90 stores later, customers would rave to friends and family about Zpizza's organic sauce, wheat crust, MSG-free sausage and pepperoni, local produce, and their gluten-free and vegan options. Now They Can Rave To Everyone Else too!

Zpizza and its local store owners had already seen that social media networks and online marketing were a fit for their business when they came to Idea-ware. Several of their locations had successful Facebook fan pages and they had used e-mail marketing for years with great success.  What wasn't working was traditional PR. Zpizza had received lots of press but it was difficult to track how that translated into new customers. Idea-ware developed a social media plan for Zpizza that included using Twitter and Facebook to better engage with their existing fans, and generate discussions and buzz to attract new ones.

Positive Mentions That You Can Measure

In less than two months Zpizza has seen their fan base on Facebook grow 50% from 830 to 1250 members and, more importantly, the fan 'interactions' have increased 33%. Idea-ware started using two Twitter accounts (@zpizza_dc and @zpizza_SoCal) to increase followers (750 added) engage with new customers, field questions, and even turn a brief negative customer experience into a lasting positive one. The result has been an overall increase in positive remarks about Zpizza in blog reviews, food-related forums, on Twitter and Facebook.

Looking to develop a social media strategy for your brand?  Let us show you what we can do, one Tweet at a time...

- Janine


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