Plant a Few Social Media Seeds, Harvest Global Brand Awareness...



Late last year we met with Benjamin and Rebecca Gournay -  the husband and wife team behind "Graine de Vie" ("Grain of Life") and their new 100% natural skin care product line called Seed+ ( They had recently launched their company and website, and had just started selling their new "grape seed-based" products in retailers like Whole Foods and Amazon.  As a start up, they would need to spend their marketing dollars wisely, yet they were eager to begin building awareness of their brand during the important holiday buying season.

Planting the Seeds of Success Idea-ware suggested a program of social media promotion and outreach to women on Facebook, Twitter and blogs aimed at introducing the new brand and building grassroots awareness of their innovative products.

Janine worked with them to identify prominent bloggers, arrange for samples to be shipped for review, and then scheduled a Twitter "launch party" to give bloggers and interested parties a chance to interact with the founders in real time on Twitter and learn about the power of "seed-based" skin care products.

Awareness Blossoms... The program yielded results almost immediately.  118 Twitter users RSVP’d to attend the Twitter Launch party and the event ultimately drew over 150 participants.  A random sampling of attendees Twitter accounts showed an average of 2368 followers per participant for a potential total audience of 355,000 Twitter users!   More importantly, the attendees themselves generated more than 3,880 mentions of the hashtag during the event, as shown below. In total the party put Seed+ at almost a quarter of a percent of all posts on Twitter that day overcoming several popular trending topics and putting it into the top 250 topics.



In addition, to the Twitter awareness that was generated, over a dozen prominent bloggers wrote about Seed+ in the days after the event establishing awareness among tens of thousands of followers and generating over 550 comments from users.  And the Seed+ Twitter following doubled adding hundreds of followers.



And A Brand Goes Global...But we've saved the best part of this story for last!  Shortly after the campaign started Benjamin and Rebecca left for London where they were visiting family.  While walking down a street there they ran across a small natural skin care boutique and stuck up a conversation with the owner and according to Rebecca it went something like this:

Rebecca - "Great store!  We just recently started our own company of natural skin care."

Owner - "Oh really?  What's it called?!"

Rebecca - "Seed+"

Owner - "Oh, yes, I have heard of it."

Benjamin - "Oh that's very nice - thank you - but we just launched.  Perhaps you are thinking of another brand?"

Owner - "No, I know SEED+"

Benjamin - (pointing to his newly logo embroidered sweatshirt) - "This is our brand, Seed +"

Owner - "Yes, that is it!!

Benjamin & Rebecca (To themselves) - "How is that possible?"

Owner - "Have you been written up in any blogs?"

Rebecca - "Yes, we have actually..."

Owner - "Well, I read a lot of blogs and remember thinking I liked the name SEED and that it made a ton of sense because SEEDS have a lot of great antioxidants in them."

And there you have it.  A small American start-up company plants a few social media seeds (with Idea-ware's help) and just a few short weeks later awareness of their brand  starts sprouting up 3500 miles away in London.

How's that for "marketing advocacy?"



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