A Complex Technology Business in Five Words or Less



Logicworks thought they had the description of their business down to a pretty simple statement: "We're a complex managed hosting company focused exclusively on multi-server environments that require high-availability infrastructures and replicated/redundant databases.

That statement was more concise than most managed hosting companies.  The problem was, Logicworks’ largest competitor - Rackspace, with its tagline “Fanatical Support” - had virtually cornered the market for brand awareness. Logicworks was planning to recruit a very senior industry veteran CEO to lead its next phase of growth and begin to aggressively invest in marketing. The challenge was to find a concise, powerful message that captured all of Logicworks unique value in five words or less.

Idea-ware came to SoHo to help this Manhattan-based innovator find that message. We met with the staff, including sales and engineering teams to get a sense of the personality of the company.We interviewed key customers to determine what drew them to Logicworks, and away from larger competitors.And we probed those competitors looking for areas of weakness to exploit.

Then we sat down to get creative…

We came up with a half dozen or so themes or directions we could take the message – each complete with several paragraphs of high-level messaging and potential taglines - and presented them all to the executive team.As a group, we ultimately ended up settling on the theme called “Hard Stuff” and the phrase We Host The Hard Stuff.

In just five words we managed to separate and position Logicworks apart from its competition who focus on a broader range of solutions and often “water down” their technology and expertise. The phrase also neatly captured the tech-enthusiast, NYC-centric personality of the company, and wrapped it all up in an edgy, memorable and easily brandable phrase.

Logicworks incoming CEO, Rick Ellenberger, quickly embraced Idea-ware's work. As the former CEO of Broadwing, a $2.5B Fortune 500 broadband infrastructure provider and president of MCI’s $10B Business Markets division, Rick possessed a proven track record of building powerful marketing and sales-driven brands. Together we're continuing to refine the message and make it a guiding principal of Rick's new course for the company.

As Rick says, Idea-ware got right to heart of what makes Logicworks unique. And their impact on this company at this time will be legendary.


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