Defining a Brand That Redefines Work


Crowd Control Software came to us this Spring looking for a way to capture their story in a brand that was as big as the idea behind their software. CrowdControl was operating at the intersection of several huge technology trends: crowd sourcing, big data and artificial intelligence. Always eager to uncover big stories around technology, we took up the challenge. We started with a half-day "brand articulation workshop" session in NYC that brought together CrowdControl's management team as well as select board members and investors. We explored the technology and strategy behind their software but also the values and stories behind the company and the way it thinks and operates. We combined the findings from that session with a series of in-depth customer interviews and comprehensive competitive analysis to craft a brand platform that perfectly captured the story behind the company and how it was fundamentally different from competitors.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Story

The story we ended up capturing was not just about a software company harnessing the power of crowd sourcing and aritifcial intelligence to make companies more efficient at handling big data and complex business processes. It was bigger. Much bigger. It became a story about pushing the boundaries of collaboration between man and machine - each learning from the other, each getting smarter, faster and more efficient as a result, and, in the process, fundamentally changing the nature of what it means to "get work done."

This big idea perfectly captured the vision and mission of the company's founders and put CrowdControl head and shoulders above others in the emerging space. It also led to change in the company name: it's now known as Crowd Computing Systems.

Andy Betherum, Crowd Computing System's VP of Sales and Marketing had this to say about the experience of working with us: "Idea-ware really brought a professional, well-discplined and creative approach to helping us build our messaging framework. As a startup in a fast-moving market, we knew it was critical to come out with a strong foundation and a unique story that was bigger than just the technology. The brand platform and tagline idea-ware crafted for us - 'Changing the Way the World Works' - accomplished that perfectly and has allowed us to roll out products and messaging with confidence, knowing that they are always authentic and on-brand."



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