And Now It's a Power Trio!



For almost 10 years Idea-ware has made great "music" as a two-partner duo with a collection of amazing backup singers.  But in 2012 we added a 3rd core member on the "bass" - both literally (for a DC band called Left on Lincoln) and figuratively - laying down the brand rhythm for our clients.... A veteran brand architect and in-demand wordsmith, Steve Goodwin has helped businesses and organizations of all sizes forge strong bonds with their audiences by creating compelling brands and well-crafted messages. Over nearly two decades in the advertising and marketing agency world, he's built successful brands and campaigns for such business leaders as Motorola, General Dynamics, Bob Evans Restaurant Group, Philips Electronics, Unisys, and SAIC. On the not-for-profit side, Steve's clients have included the National Restaurant Association, the American Dental Education Association, the American Nurses Association and the Washington Area Women's Foundation, among others.

Spend five minutes with Steve and two things become immediately obvious: his incredible way with words and his passion for building brand foundations based on a company's honest and true "essence."

"For me, it all comes down to the power of words to create an authentic and unique image of my clients and their products and services... an image that helps them earn a special place in the hearts and minds of their various audiences," says Steve. "It's what I've devoted my career to: helping businesses uncover, articulate and leverage their best and most enduring qualities. When I saw that same devotion in JP and George, I knew we were meant to work together."

Prior to his agency experience, Steve held a variety of marketing and editorial leadership positions in the technology and publishing sectors. He holds a bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in Writing from Hamilton College, where he began the life-long affair with Ultimate Frisbee that led him to the U.S. National Ultimate Team and a World Championship. Steve and his wife Susan - a senior mediator with the U.S. Department of the Interior - live just outside of Washington in Arlington, Virginia, with their two incredibly rowdy sons, known affectionately to all as "the savages."

With Steve on board, we're gearing up for a future dedicated to crafting the types of authentic and differentiated foundational stories and messages that help our clients make lasting - and profitable - connections with their customers, employees, partners, investors and others.


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