Who We Are:
Founded on Emotion, Grounded in Business

Below, you’ll learn about the people that make up the Brandstone team: our staff  and our partners. It’s through open and honest collaboration between each that brands get built, connections get made, and success is achieved.



Our Founders: The Power of Three

A high-energy/high-efficiency triad, Brandstone’s co-founders blend a passion for creative storytelling with more than four decades of combined experience delivering bottom-line-boosting brand messages and programs. Together, we’ve served hundreds of organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 giants to venture-funded startups and nonprofit groups. And they all wanted the same thing you want for your organization: lasting bonds with their customers and employees.

George Holt

An award-winning creative force, George lives to provide “wow” experiences for our clients and, in turn, their clients. He does this through original ideas and unexpected executions that bring an organization’s products, services and – most importantly – core values to life. Prior to his most recent stint as creative director at idea-ware, George founded and directed wedü, one of New England’s most dynamic full-service interactive agencies. George’s work for clients has been recognized with numerous regional and national design awards, including those from Communication Arts (Top Honors), FHM Magazine and the Boston Chapter of The Ad Club. Clients just recognize it as “simply effective.”

PASSION: Creativity
INTO: Inspiring
AND: Golf
I AM: finding complex solutions for simple problems and simple solutions for complex problems
Notable Clients Include:
Atari, Autodesk, Cisco, Compaq, EMC, McGraw-Hill, NBC, USAN
As Others See George: 
"George makes it look easy. He has unique insight into the dynamics of expressing the value of a brand simply, but powerfully.   
– Sharon Herman, Founder, Zelda's Song




JP Laqueur

JP is a true believer in the power of a compelling story and a noble purpose to create understanding, bring people together, and provide the foundation for a strong brand and a high-performing culture. It’s a craft he’s practiced over a career that began at MCI as part of a team of evangelists for an exciting new technology that came with the lofty promise of being able to connect computers – and people – all over the world: the internet. After stops that included PanAmSat and Broadwing Communications, JP launched idea-ware, a full-service marketing firm specializing in helping technology firms and other clients tell their compelling brand stories.

PASSION: Discovery
INTO: Connection
AND: Cycling
I AM: going to have to cut back on the caffeine
Notable Clients Include:
Broadsoft, CORE Club, Cox Business, Level 3, Voxel
As Others See JP:
 JP is a master communicator and amazing to work with. You won't find many sharper, and I recommend him 100%.” –  Spencer Peller, Founder & CEO, MyDoctorCalls

Steve Goodwin

Steve is a veteran brand architect and messaging guru whose strategic thinking and gift for words have helped organizations of all shapes and sizes put their best foot forward and build enduring bonds with their audiences. Clients value his ability to uncover and articulate the unique and authentic qualities that set them apart from the competition and give them a sustainable advantage. A noted presenter and facilitator, Steve held senior positions at such highly-regarded firms as AXIS, Brunner and RP3, putting his branding skills and OAD (obsessive attention to detail) to work for some of the most recognized brands in business, technology and consumer products.

PASSION: Quality
INTO: Meaning
AND: Guitars
I AM: a constant embarrassment to my kids
Notable Clients Include:
General Dynamics, Knouse Foods, Motorola, Natl. Restaurant Assn, Philips Electronics
As Others See Steve: 
 “If you want your message to be clear, powerful and aligned with your strategy, Steve is simply the best.” – Steve Polo, Founder, OPX Global





Our Partners: Brilliant Minds Thinking Alike

In order for us to maintain our exclusive focus on building authentic brand platforms – and our role as unbiased brand advocates – we partner with some of the best and brightest firms in their respective disciplines.




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