How We Do It:
Laying a Solid Foundation

We believe that any process needs to strike the right balance of rigor and flexibility. Our proven process for building successful brands follows three well-defined steps yet remains pliable enough to incorporate the types of “happy accidents” that occur when people communicate openly and honestly.




It’s all about connecting, and nothing connects like authenticity. Get this wrong and be forever doomed to being just another face in the crowd. Our three-pronged approach for ensuring that your brand story and messages are genuine and compelling leaves nothing to chance. We look inside (management/staff sessions), outside (customer/prospect research), and all around (competitive landscape audits) to uncover your noble purpose (beyond making money) and the unique brand values that support it…the ones upon which lifetime bonds are built.



Once we’ve identified your noble purpose and authentic brand values, we articulate them into a library of fully-formed, “on-brand” messages and craft values-based stories that bring your brand to life and begin to build a special place in the hearts and minds of your customers, prospects, employees and the public at large. This foundational document – we call it your “Brandstone” – makes your brand messages easy to understand, remember and deliver, ensuring effective and consistent brand communications… communications that deepen internal and external connections.



The world’s best-performing companies all have one thing in common: a powerful alignment of their external brand persona and their internal corporate culture. This is the exact type of alignment we seek for our clients. Once created, your Brandstone provides a solid foundation for launching a variety of external (marketing, public relations, etc.) and internal (training, incentives, etc.) programs that all align to advance your brand, optimize your performance, and build the bonds that lead to long-term success.



The End Result: A Lasting Bond

It’s not rocket science, but it’s supported by nearly as many studies and facts: companies that establish long-term relationships with their customers, partners and employees are more profitable and enduring than those that fail to do so.

Through our process of Authenticity, Articulation and Alignment, we help clients build deep and authentic bonds with all of their audiences… bonds that translate to greater customer loyalty, increased word-of-mouth referrals, stronger alignment of internal teams, and enhanced employee pride and productivity. And that translates to higher performance and profitability.



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